This is a little demo, developed by 9 people in 48hrs for the Florida Universitària GGJ.

Joy, frenzy and fast-pace: these three words established the foundations of our project. We wanted something fresh and funny that we could enjoy developing.

It was difficult to create a game with the theme given: roots. That term could vary from mathematical roots to even tree roots. 

The ideas started with a tree looking for settling down while it had to escape from an evil lumberjack or a speedrunner… until we came up with “Root Wars”

Our game consists of two players conquering squares. The first player is a plant, called Root, which conquers the land by  growing little plants and grass. However Rocky, a raccoon, conquers squares by throwing rubbish and polluting trees.

During this event, as a programmer with my partner Pablo, we had the chance to include the ideas that we discussed with the team. The main challenges we dealt with were making the characters skills and the orbs functionality.

If you want to know more or play it, you can visit my portfolio and the page on the Global Game jam website. 

We are now developing a bigger version, you can check it out on the social media.


Arantxa Ortega Rey – 3D Artist/Texture Artist/Set Dressing
Desirée Navarrete Granero – Programmer.
Lydia Picazo Marín – Concept Artist/ 2D Artist.
Vicente Moscardó Ribes – 3D Artist/Rigger/3D Animator.
Ismael Moreno Lucena – 3D Artist/Texture Artist/Post Producer.
Pablo Pozo Escalona – Programmer.
Ramón Vidal Satorres – 3D Artist/Texture Artist/Set Dressing.
Anna Satorres Cardona – UI Designer/Music Research.
Sara Corberá Tomás – 3D Artist/Texture Artist/Set Dressing.