This is my latest project, Madness Delivery Service. A random order generator, with a score system. 

Delivery, points, get and drop mechanic

By taking the objects and putting them in the dish, try to deliver the highest number of orders in the shortest time possible.

Trash mechanic

If you get the wrong order or you’re running out of time to deliver it, you can empty the dish and fill it again with the correct object.

Dishes mechanic

Depending on the level complexity there is a determined number of dishes. When you deliver an order, the dish respawns in the purple spot after 5sec.

Collision control

I’ve developed it with collision lists, controlling the objects that collide with the player by name.
For the most curious, how the project’s code works:

All mechanics are made with Unity physics, using rigidbody. Depending on the order’s countdown when you deliver it, you’ll win 0pts, 50pts or 100pts. I made it with a distinct random range of numbers for each order’s block, so the UI doesn’t disappear at the same time. The orders are made with lists and random numbers. A new order spawns 5sec after you deliver it or 2sec after it’s countdown ends. The UI’s orders relocate for the new orders. 

When gameplay time exceeds 30s, the orders appear 2sec after delivery. Only one object can be put on the table. If it’s put on the dish, either floor or table, when taking it later, take the dish and the object together to be able to deliver it. It can be delivered only if it’s on the dish. I control that with bools, what’s triggered with, and if the player has a child, filtering by the name of the item that the player hold.