This project is a VR coop scape room game with puzzles to get out. Player one uses a VR system and the second player takes use of a manual to help him without seeing VR. They can only communicate by talking.

The minigame story is about a psycho that locks your partner in a room with the lights off, the player 1 is listening to the psyco all the time, relating him what is happening and a few clues to scape.

The first puzzle is about turning the lights on. At the begining there is an electrical panel box, with a red light on the top. With your partner help, you have to move the circuit breakers in the right position to continue.

After turning the lights on, it’s the moment to search the room and look for clues to scape.

In the nightstand there is a key that opens the closet.

Inside the closet there is a strongbox with two kind of codes.

In the room there are a lot of clues to open the strongbox. It has two codes, the first is a numerical and the second is a color.

Behind the painting there is a morse code drawn in the wall, player 1 has to translate it with the player’s 2 help to introduce it in the first code. And to decipher the color code: a red number one drawn in the painting, a yellow number two in the pillow, in the desktop there is a blue cube with a three and a green four drawn in the wall. If the two codes are right, the door opens.

When the strongbox opens, player 1 will find a bomb to desactivate with the player’s 2 and manual help.

The bomb has four modules with a counter. If the player fails, the bomb explodes. Each module is independent and it can be solved in any order, but the player’s 2 help in necessary because some modules depend on the others.

When the player 1 resolves a module, a led will light up. The bomb will be deactivated when all the leds are on.

Programmers: Alejandro Santos and me. 

3D Artists: Arantxa Ortega, Alejandro Santos, José Martínez Gallego and Sara Corberá Tomás.

Psycho and storyteller’s voice: Miguel Tarín.