Global Game Jam 2020 with “Repair’s” theme.This is a little demo, developed by 8 persons in 48hrs for the Floridareplay GGJ. We arrived at “patch” word, a toy that it was abandoned for its owner in the basement, because it’s broken. It has an eye missing. Our protagonist, called Jimmy, starts inside a carton box in the basement, and the objective will be to obtain its lost eye ahead of its stuffing ends.The mechanics consist of moving the boxes for completing the way, and activate the vision of the lost eye for locate it.

Programmers: Carlos Rodrigo, Damià Martinez and me.

Animators: Alejandro Santos and Arantxa Ortega.

3D Artists: Arantxa Ortega, César Ferri, Alejandro Santos, Rafa Vega and Adrián Alabarta.